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By: Mary Shelley
A. Theme
The theme of this story is “human can’t live alone”. Because in this story the author describes the monster as a lonely person who needs a soul mate. According to our group, that so even a monster that has an ugly face and body still needs a friend to be his soul mate.
B. Plot
The plot of this story is flash back, in which at the beginning of the story Victor tells his problems to Robert Walton and then at the last back to Robert Walton again.
Victor Frankenstein showed his interest in science when he was hunting a rabbit with his father when he was a child. Then he decided to go to Ingolstadt to study more about science.
Raising action
When Frankenstein desired to make people life forever after his mother and his lovely dog died.
After his wife died killed by the monster, he decided that his life purposed to kill the monster.
Falling action
Captain Robert Walton rescued Frankenstein on the North Pole.
The monster came to pick Frankenstein up after Frankenstein’s death. Then, he told the captain that he wouldn’t be seen again.
C. Conflict
There were two kinds of conflict that happen in this story, internal and external conflicts:
Internal conflict (Victor against himself)
The struggle of Victor Frankenstein to repair the big mistake that he have done because of his big ambition.
External conflict (the monster against the community)
The community doesn’t want to accept the attendance of the monster.
D. Setting
Setting (time) : Eighteenth century
Setting (place) : Geneva, The Swiss Alps, Ingolstadt, The Northern ice pole.
In this story, the setting functions as the background because the setting doesn’t have significant effect to the story. The setting is just as the place and time background. If they changed, the story isn’t influenced.
E. Characters
Victor Frankenstein : The Swiss chemist who create the monster
- Major character : The story focused on Victor Frankenstein and his action. He appeared from the beginning to the end of the story.
- Round character : He faced many conflicts, like facing his mother and his lovely dog died in front of him, attempting to create a life to the old body, facing a dilemma whether he would create a female monster or not, etc.
- Dynamic character : He changed his mind that God’s can’t be changed.
• The Monster : The ugly creation of Frankenstein who searches for companionship and love throughout the story.
- Major character : The story also focused on the monster and his action. He appeared from the beginning to the end of the story.
- Round character : He possessed both good and bad traits. Actually he was a lovable person.
- Dynamic character : He was rejected from social life. Besides, he wanted a companionship after seeing a happy couple.
Captain Robert Walton
- Minor character : The story wasn’t focus on him.
- Flat character : His function was just be a listener of Frankenstein’s story.
- Static character : He was a listener from the beginning to the end.
William : Victor’s brother. The monster murders William to punish Victor and sets the stage for more tragedy and torment for Victor.
- Minor character : He just appeared only several times.
- Flat character : He didn’t have any conflict.
- Static character : There is no change in his character until he died in the middle of the story.
• Elizabeth : Adopted and loved by the Frankenstein family, and becomes Victor Frankenstein’s wife.
- Minor character : The story didn’t focus on her. Her appearance wasn’t until the end of the story because of her death.
- Flat character : She only focused on her problem that was her love with Victor Frankenstein.
- Static character : She still loves Frankenstein till her death.
• Justine Moritz : Frankenstein’s housemaid who was convicted and executed to kill William.
- Minor character : She wasn’t concerned by the story.
- Flat character : She only appeared in the story for seeking William.
- Static character : Her character just being an honest and royal housemaid. Not enough complex to round character.
• Henry : Victor’s friend.
- Minor character : He is just a friend of Victor.
- Flat character : No significant changes on his character, even though Victor didn’t his problems.
- Static character : His personality doesn’t change from the beginning till the end of the story.
• Mr. Waldman : The chemist professor.
- Minor character : The story doesn’t focus on his character.
- Flat character : At the beginning he supports Victor in science and experiment, but at last after he knows that the purpose of Victor is to create a human, he against Victor’s will.
- Static character : No significant event of the story that caused by him.
Caroline : Victor’s mother.
- Minor character : She just appears at the beginning of the story.
- Flat character : She just acts like any other mothers who love her children and her family.
- Static character : She still loves Victor and her family, and supports Victor’s ambition to go to the university till her death.
• Alphonse : Victor’s father.
- Minor character : The story doesn’t focus on his character.
- Round character : At the beginning he loves and supports Victor’s will, but after the death of some members of his family, he thinks that Victor is caused of all problems and the death.
- Static character : His character doesn’t cause significant changes in the story.
F. Point of view
This story use dramatic point of view because the author gives chance to the audience to conclude the story by themselves.

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