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Posting by Ade Tuty Anggriany | 4:03 PM

Nowadays, Indonesia is in Globalization Era and has become a development country. The development of technology grows rapidly. The people can come in and out of our country freely, they come from different countries. Therefore, we are expected to be able to communicate and get socialization with them well. Actually, all of us can speak English. Moreover, we are as English Department Students, but not all of us have a bravery to communicate with the foreigners who come to Indonesia. It is caused most of us still lack of vocabularies, afraid of making mistakes when we are talking, and so on. Without communication, we will not be able to develop, otherwise we will face difficulties to communicate, and as the result we will be eliminated.

Of course, all of us don’t want to be eliminated in our own country and let the foreigners become the authority. If it is occurred, we will be the audiences of them and can’t do anything. So that, we must be brave to compete with them by making a good relationship. But if you still afraid, you don’t need to worry about that because I will give you some tips to anticipate it.

Step 1

Practice aloud. The only way to become a better speaker is to practice speaking. At first, you'll likely feel uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience. However, you can improve your speaking ability by reading aloud, or reciting a monologue to yourself or friend. Enunciate your words and speak clearly.

Step 2

Slow down. Speaking too rapidly can result in muddle speech and poor word choice. Think before you speak. People who speak too fast often rush their thoughts.

Step 3

Take a public speaking class. Several job positions entail oral presentations. Employees who lack speaking ability might consider enrolling in a public speaking course. These classes are an excellent tool, and they train students on how to speak with confidence and conviction.

Step 4

Expand your vocabulary. A limited vocabulary can impact the way a person expresses themselves. In turn, this can affect oral communication. Attempt to learn a new word every few days, and incorporate this word into your everyday speech. Be natural and use the word in the proper context.

Step 5

Relax. Due to nervousness, some people cannot communicate well with others. Shyness and anxiety can affect your speech. Learn how to relax. Breathing exercises can help. Once your mind and body calms down, your speech will be clear and understandable.

Step 6

Give yourself a break. It takes time to develop good speaking ability. Be patient and continue to practice. You'll encounter a few setbacks. Nevertheless, your oral communication skills will continue to improve little-by-little.

In short, to be able to compete with other countries, we should master English well, so that we can communicate and follow the development in our country. Remember, it’s not easy to state our ideas in front of many people without learning the steps that I told you.

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    salam sahabat
    wadouh ga bawa kamus n translate Ade eror he..he.. btw its good posting make me know more getting info .oh iya dah saya follow kalo sedia follow balik buat saya ya..ehm..kita sehati loh ok thnxs n good lcuk ya